Secured Bail
A Better Option

On scheduled court dates, a number of defendants fail to appear (FTA).  The defendants who FTA, impose significant costs on court systems and the public.  Direct costs include rearranging & rescheduling court dates, the wasted time of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law enforcement officers, their support staff, etc.

Public law enforcement have a primary responsibility for pursuing and re-arresting defendants who were released on their own recognizance or on goverment bail.  The flow of FTA warrants has overwhelmed many law enforcement agencies.  Most counties and cities are faced with a massive pile of un-served arrest warrants.

However, defendants who are released on Secured Bail have an entirely different and an immediate problem.  The bail bond agent and bail bond company typically spring into action and pursue FTA's immediately after they occur.

Bail bond companies and their agents have a financial incentive to monitor defendants, and to ensure that they do not skip court.  If they FTA, the incentive becomes - (RETURN THE DEFENDANT TO COURT or RISK FORFEITURE!).

Compare the effectiveness of defendants released on their own recognizance, goverment bail, and secured bail.  Data consistently indicates that defendants released on secured bail have a lower FTA rate than defendants released under other methods.