What does Arkansas Professional Bail Association do?

  • Promote cooperation among member companies and agents.
  • We expect member companies and their agents to represent the bail industry with professionalism at all times.
  • When dealing with various components of the criminal justice community (law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc.) we serve as a tool in their effort to operate efficiently.
  • Keep the membership abreast of the latest court rulings, new legislation and other information pertaining to the industry.
  • Monitor legislation affecting the bail industry and seek legislative changes for improvement.


 Our Business Ethics

  • Ensure that our business culture promotes a respectful atmosphere.
  • Engage in honest business practices.
  • Never mislead our customers.
  • Uphold our fiduciary responsibilities.



The Arkansas Professional Bail Association is an industry association that promotes
both company and agent interests.  We are dedicated to professionalism among bail
bond agents, cooperation among bail bond companies, and adherence by all licensees
to the highest standard of conduct.


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